“When Me becomes We”

When I counsel soon-to-be newlyweds, I cover several topics. One of them is when “I” or “Me” becomes “We”. If you have been married, you probably understand what I am talking about. It is that moment when you realize there is more to think about than just yourself. The great “compromiser” is marriage. If you have been happily married you have come to understand that the compromise is not so much a giving in as it is a adding to.

This can be a tough adjustment for some if you have led a self-centered life. Experience has taught me that if a couple has been in a relationship over a year, this is not usually the case. There are exceptions. Even during the dating game there is give and take along the way.

We live in a pretty independent society. Much if not most advertisement focuses on the individual experience. Commercials invite us to think about ourselves or our small group of people and how the product can make our life experience positive. It is not all bad unless you are so focused on yourself and think nothing of the other.

Church is more “We” than “Me”. “WE” come together to form a community who care for one another and explore how we can be of help to others beyond ourselves. Liturgical churches follow an order of service, unlike many mainline denominations, which places a strong emphasis upon the “WE”. The more modern forms of worship tend to lean in the direction of the individual experience.

At Christ the Lord Lutheran we have been engaged in self evaluation among our leaders and there is a desire to embrace our community and celebrate our diversity.
“WE” is valued here. We will be adding some features that we think will help. First, Kelli Robinson is using her technical expertise to develop an online pictorial directory. Yep, Pastor Mitchell just might learn your name. Better yet you will know who you will be talking to at church. Think about it. You could access it on your smart device right where you are. Pretty powerful.

Me to WeWe will be adding a few new small groups to help build up community. Already, Jim Clark is spearheading a new Men’s Group. Their first outing was a bowling event. Rumor has it that golf is next on the list. Like Ladies Night Out it will grow over time and some of events will be better attended than others. Whoever comes, it is the hope that they will have fun and grow in relationship with each other.

Another group soon to emerge is an Outreach Group that will focus on guiding us in reaching out into the community. If you remember the work of Stephanie Laurio who led us in gathering, putting together, and delivery Night Night Bags for kids in homeless shelters, these are the type of in and out projects we would like to develop to serve our community. Have an passion let us know.

We have a beautiful community and it is growing. I love to see all the new faces, young and older. Together we experience the community that God hoped for us here on earth. We are not giving up our individual selves, but enriching the likeness we share.

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Finally, summer is a time to enjoy the long relaxing days away. I love summer. Please remember that WE need your consistent financial support especially during the summer. If you know you will miss worship, simply mail your pledge or drop off your giving at the church office during the week. It is a great way to show your love and support for the church we call home.

~In His Service
Pastor Bob