Stewardship – Through Us

We pray “On earth as it is in Heaven.” But what does that mean? How do we experience Heaven on Earth? God promises us that the Holy Spirit works through us. Therefore God’s wishes and desires come through us.

For example, How are the hungry fed? Through Us!
In 2015 our congregation contributed $10,512; 13,179 food item; and 965 volunteer hours to the Lawrenceville Co-Op. God worked through us to feed the poor.

How are the sick cared for? Through Us! Our congregation last year donated roughly 160 pints of blood to the Red Cross. That will provide 480 pints to someone in need of blood. Our new care team is providing meals to parishioners who are recovering at home and in some cases, we are able to provide transportation or other assistance at home.God Works through us to comfort the sick.

How are the children taught about God? Through Us!
Our children’s and youth programs touch over 100 of our young members during the year with education, felThrough Uslowship, and service events. Youth go to AFFIRM, All Georgia, Pre-Teen Camp, Teen Servant Camp, SESLYO, Lutheridge, and more. Kids and youth are nurtured in Sunday School, Vacation Bible School, Confirmation, Senior Youth Group, Friends of Faith, Chime Choir, Imagination Dancers…God works through us to share the story of his love for all.How are the spiritual needs of adults met? Through Us! We have eight Bible study groups, Sunday school, retreats for women, and men. God works through us to support one another.

WE are God’s Hands!! ALL of these programs, events, classes etc are made possible by the funding through our annual budget. We give our money and time to support these ministries. This year we will have a budget over $700,000. Our increase will be smaller than previous years, but the need for support will be even greater as our membership has changed primarily through life circumstances. God works through us to provide the support required to continue His work.

It is important that ALL of us take this challenge seriously. Because it is more than just a budget, it’s Our Hands Doing God’s Work Together. It is how heaven occurs on earth. It is what we pray for and God desires. Join me and the leaders of this church and make your pledge on November 6 and 13.

~In His Service
Pastor Mitchell