What Now?

prayer-mother-teresaWe are almost at the end of March Madness. We have 4 final college basketball teams left. Soon we will know who the national champions are. There is another madness we are about to finish – the season of Lent.  I am not being disrespectful; I am being descriptive. No pastor who takes their job seriously enters this season lightly. The intent of the season is to be more attentive to our life of faith in relationship to the life and death of Jesus Christ. It is not just an experience of the head but also a journey of the heart. Body, mind, and soul come together to examine our unworthiness and God’s bold and tender gift of grace. That journey will soon come to an end.

In basketball as in other sports they talk about leaving it all on the court or field at the end of the game. They are referring to giving all you have. The same can be said about school. My daughter recently finished a semester in college and described the feeling as “having nothing left in her”. I remember those days. I picture the scene in scripture when the disciples fall asleep while Jesus is praying in the garden of Gethsemane. Were they spent?  For me, this describes to me a perfect Lent.

A professor who I follow spoke recently to a group of pastor’s about the scripture passages for the last few weeks of Lent. One of the participants at the seminar came up to her afterwards, took her hands, and said, “I am spent.”  Yes!!!!

This year when Lent began I asked you to think of a prayer to pray daily. I suggested that it be simple enough to remember so that you could say it when you rose in the morning and laid down at night. You may have remembered and even practiced this over the last few weeks. I also asked you to look back on your day and explore how God is working in your life and helping you with this prayer.  I hope that some of you have done this.

I have done this and it has been so reaffirming of God’s activity in my world. What I didn’t anticipate is how that one prayer has led me to other prayers. The more I pray; the more I pray.

Prayer is that deep conversation with God where I bare my soul before him. I start out shallow then gain trust and explore even deeper questions. I do not always walk away with answers. I do walk away having grown closer to God. What starts out as a distant deity becomes a savior who has left it all on the cross for me and me wanting to leave all this life in the trenches for Him.

Lent is a reminder that I could never do enough to thank God for this life. Lent is a season that I hear again and again how God simply wants to give me life.

What will we do with this life He has given us? Isn’t that the question at the resurrection? What now? After this season of Lent, every day is another day to serve and please Him and bask in the love he offers me daily. It won’t ever be perfect, but it will be. Being is plenty.

~In His Service
Pastor Bob