Stewardship 2018

church I remember a commercial in which a man was walking and with each step he took the ground below was formed for him to land on. So as you can imagine, he trusted that by the time his foot touched down, there would be a surface on which to stand. There was no evidence that it would be there but he walked with a confidence that it would. That is faith.

We step into life not knowing where it all leads. We trust that God is with us. The beauty of life is experiencing God’s presence in many and various mysterious ways where we did not expect it but we are thankful for having him nearby.

We have been doing a lot of that type of living at church recently. God has really surprised us every step of the way. We never know how you will respond to the toilet paper collection.This year you exceeded our goal. We asked for 2017 rolls and as of this morning we are counting up to 2800 rolls. It is that type of generosity that makes me want to hug all of you.

A couple of months ago, Laura Bryant suggested we take a different approach to the Reformation Service. At first I was unsure. But as I read material, watched videos, and talked to colleagues, the ideas began to flow. The service itself will be unique. Members came forward with fellowship ideas for the day as well. We identified Ronnie Kissel (men’s retreat cook extraordinaire) and soon Chris and Marsha Herring have stepped forward to help pull it all together. A collaboration that along with side dishes provided by the congregation, will be a German spread that will knock your socks off. Never in my greatest imagination did I think we could do it. Reformation Sunday will prove to be a celebration indeed.

We constantly step out in faith. God is constantly proving that He is with us all along the way. It is a joy to know his presence in such a strong way.

On November 12, the church council is asking you to do the same. Step out in faith and make a pledge to ministry of 2018. In fact we are asking you that have been giving to step up your support in the coming year. It will take courage and a belief that God will be with you. I know that many of you have done this before and know what I am talking about. We need and expect that in 2018 we will Live Generously.

This year we have been pressing forward financially and your church council has been courageous in keeping their eye on the ball. When things seemed tight and we had to lean on our savings, we have not steered from our commitment to serve our neighbor. This is the calling of God; and we believe that God will supply us with all that we need to keep our ministry strong.

Recently people have mysteriously wandered unintentionally into our congregation, not knowing where their life was going. We welcomed them in, prayed with them, and nurtured them. We weren’t sure what God would do through us. To both the surprise of those people and ourselves, God showed us the way.

God shows us the way when we step out in faith. God fed and gave water to the Israelites in the desert and got them to the Promised Land. Even though they complained along the way and lost faith at times, God never fell short on his promise. He remained steadfast.

On November 12, I am asking you to trust God with your lives and material wealth and step out in faith. We are God’s people and he has called us to follow. That isn’t some lame request. That is a call from God. As a disciple, you are called to follow. He does provide and stay true to His promise. I am asking you to trust Him and Live Generously for the sake of Jesus Christ.

In His Service
Pastor Bob