Wow! I can’t tell you how proud this congregation has made me recently.  You have given of yourself in so many ways. From toilet paper pyramids to church plays; from blood drives to youth services to Reformation services, you have given of yourselves. From where I sit, we are really growing in our love and commitment to God and neighbor. To be fair, God is blessing us. New faces continue to pop up and we welcome them into the community. God is Indeed Good!


On November 12, together we will make our financial pledge commitments for 2018. I can’t even begin to tell you how important they will be. While we have been growing in so many ways, we still need to stretch our giving a little further to meet our needs. As Robin Eggleston states in the church council’s letter to the congregation, we have made a few withdrawals from our savings and we would like to start the New Year with a “full tank.”


I have no doubt it is possible. In fact as I have seen you respond to many needs recently, I am persuaded that you will step up again and make it happen.


I pray and know that you will take this seriously and make that pledge for 2018 on November 12. It will be a big day as we “Live Generously” for the Lord.
~In His Service
Pastor Mitchel