“He is not here. He has been raised…Tell my brothers that I will meet them in Galilee.”  When everything seemed to be at its darkest moment, Jesus was pressing forward. In the midst of our worst possible moments of life, God lives. These are the words that carry me forward.

I am not here to deny the worst moments of life, especially after the devastation that we just had with the tornadoes in the southeast. I hear the terrible stories that people go through everyday, and I must admit, they can overwhelm me. Wondering what I can say or do at some of life’s most horrible events, I break and it’s good that I do. I come to the realization that I have no control and that all that I can do is place them in the care of God. That’s the best decision I could ever make. It should be the decision I make about everything. Jesus lifts us out of the darkness. Jesus leads the way.

Today the sun is shining and people are making plans for the weekend. People in devastated areas are beginning to pick up the pieces. Our church is celebrating the Easter season by going out into the community and serving those in need. Why? Because life is out there. He has gone ahead of us and preparing the path for us to follow. He is not here. He has risen. He picks us up and points the way.

Not long ago people wore bracelets, WWJD, what would Jesus do?  Now on ABC there is a show that asks the question, WWYD, what would you do? My question is WIJLU, Where Is Jesus Leading Us?

A young man asked me early on Easter Morning, “Does God have a Plan for everyone?” I don’t think that our life it preplanned. I believe that we live in a promise that he will save us from our sins if we but trust and believe in Him.  I believe that Jesus places His spirit within us at our baptism and equips each of us with different gifts of the spirit. I believe we use these gifts to live out our life in Christ in the world. We make decisions about how to use these gifts. I believe that God uses us as needed. I believe that God helps and guides us along the way. I believe we are invited by Jesus to participate in His Kingdom, work along life’s path way. I believe that we sometimes accept and sometimes not. I believe that He died for us for those times we refuse to follow.

I believe the invitation on Easter is that he has gone ahead and is leading the way. Our place is to trust in that promise, to follow, and to discover the beauty of living in the promise and Kingdom of God or God’s reign over us. We want to have all the answers or gifts to resolve everything we encounter in life, BUT we will have Jesus right there beside us assuring us of His love and His promise to be with us to the end.

With that promise, you can’t go wrong. Have a wonderful Easter season and find joy and strength in living in the promise.