Good Friday

At first glance, Good Friday appears to be a misnomer. It seems inconsistent that the day of Christ’s crucifixion should in any way be described as “good.” But that seeming inconsistency vanishes when we understand that the ancient meaning of good was “holy.” The word holy is entirely consistent with the suffering and cross that Christ endured for us. Hence, Good Friday is also known as Holy Friday.

Easter lasts forever

I ran across a tract the other day entitled, “Easter Lasts Forever.” Easter lasts forever! Isn’t that what we believe? This life is not always pleasant. In fact it can deal us some harsh blows — death, loss of job, divorce, war, rejection, financial difficulties, and the list goes on and on until it seems like Good Friday everyday. “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?” But the believer in Christ looks forward. Yes, it may be Friday, but Sunday is coming! This is our eternal hope. The world may seem to be falling apart, but Jesus still reigns. His resurrection proves that he has conquered sin, death and the devil. It guarantees that those who have died in faith will be raised and will live forever with Jesus and all believers in heaven. When that is considered, all of our problems of this world pale in comparison to the glory to come. Yes, Easter lasts forever!

—John Merrill
St. John Lutheran Church, Fraser, M

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