Lenten Services

Thinking of Lent

Advent prepares us for Christ’s birth; Lent prepares us for the glorious act of Christ’s resurrection. Churches have special services during the weeks of Lent, but it’s what each of us does regarding our spiritual life that makes Lent most meaningful.

Lent is a good time to read, study and inwardly digest the four gospels. (The word gospel means “good news.”).

Lent offers time for growth

Many of us know our IQ (intelligence quotient), but what about our SQ (spiritual quotient)?

Lent is a good time to think about the quality of your spiritual life. Do you think about God often … or rarely? Do you pray often … or occasionally? How well do you know the Bible? The Commandments? The Beatitudes? The lives of biblical heroes and heroines?

During Lent, commit to spending more time in prayer. Also consider selecting a book of the Bible or a particular Bible character to study in-depth during this period.

Some people give up particular items or habits during Lent. If used wisely, this discipline can help you abandon things that have been interfering with your relationship with God.

Taize Services

During Taize services, we enjoy the peace and quiet of a lightly candle lit sanctuary as we chant and reflect on short readings of scripture and reflections.. This service is especially well known for its ability to empty the mind of the day’s activities and allow individuals to focus more clearly on scripture. We will have flutes, hand pan drums, a cello, bells, and piano to accompany our chanting. A nursery will be provided. Services are Tuesday evenings at 7:00 throughout Lent. The Sanctuary will be available to anyone who wishes to enjoy quiet prayerful solitude for one hour prior to the service.

Common Lutheran Ideas
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